XVI All-Ukrainian Scientific and Technical Conference “Actual Problems of Energy and Ecology”, October 5-7, 2016, Odessa


on October, 5-7 in the Odesa national academy of food technologies took place ХVI the Allukrainian scientific and technical conference “Issues of the day of energy and ecology”, what was conducted by the departments of теплофізики and the applied ecology, ecology and природоохонних technologies, теплоенергетики and pipeline transport of power mediums, thermodynamics and відновлювальної energy according to the plan of realization of international and allukrainian scientific and technical conferences on 2016 of Department of education and science of Ukraine.

Becoming familiar with materials of conference is possible after reference:

By teachers and graduate students of department of теплофізики and applied ecology such reports were made:
Рябікін С.С., Хлієва О.Я.
“Experimental research of convection coefficient of heat emission and losses of pressure at force русі of нанохолодоносія on the basis of пропіленгліколю in a pipe”

Хлієва О.Я.
A “analysis of possible ways of increase of еколого-енергетичної efficiency of refrigeration equipment is due to introduction of nanotechnologies”

Полюганіч М.П., Хлієва О.Я., Нікуліна А.С.
“Experimental and calculation research of closeness and viscidity of three-component water solutions of alcohols”

Лозовський Т.Л., Полюганіч М.П., Швидюк Г.О.
“Results of research of closeness of нанофлюїдів of ізопропанол / of Al2O3”

Желєзний В.П., Лозовський Т.Л., Лук’янов М.М., Нікулін А.Г.
“Setting is for research of thermophysical properties of the heterogeneous ліофобних systems”

Железный В.П., Лозовский Т.Л., Лукьянов Н.Н., Никулин А.Г.
“Pезультаты of исследования теплофизических свойств гетерогенных of the лиофобных systems on основе гидрофобизированого селикагеля”

Лозовський Т.Л., Желєзний В.П., Мотовой І.В., Гордейчук Т.В.
“Research of the phase passing to нанофлюїді ізопропіловий alcohol / of nanoparticle of Al2О3”

Moroz of С.О., Лозовський Т.Л., Лук’янов Н.Н.
“Експерименальне of research of influence of admixtures of фулеренів of С60 on viscidity of compressor oil of ХФ16-12 and solutions of холодоагенту of R600а /oil of ХФ16-12”

Івченко Д.О., Мотовой І.В., Лозовський Т.Л.
“Experimental research of heat capacity of liquid phase of solutions to диметилового ether (DME) with a triglycol (TEG) ”

Хлиева О.Я., Рябикин С.С., Полюганич М.П., Гордейчук Т.В., Железный В.П.
“Экспериментальное исследование теплофизических свойств раствора пропиленгликоль/ water / of этанол by с additions of наночастиц of Al2O3”

Moroz of С.А., Хлиева О.Я., Ferrous В.П.
“Research of influence of фуллеренов С60 on viscidity of compressor oil of ХФ16-12 and on a closeness and pressure of the saturated steams of раствров хладагента of R600a/oil of ХФ16-12”

Семенюк Ю.В., Никулин of А.Г.
“Research of regional corner of moistening of heat-exchange surface нанофлюидами at their кипениИ”

Семенюк Ю.В., Никулин of А.Г.
“Design of heat emission at boiling of нанофлюидов in a free volume”