Employment and graduates

Specialists with a degree in Thermal Power Engineering:

  • Design and maintain
    • power equipment
    • refrigeration equipment
    • alternative energy systems
  • carry out environmental audits and management
  • develop measures to improve the efficiency of heat transfer processes in various industries related to the consumption of energy resources:
    in mechanical engineering, power engineering, refrigeration, chemical industry, agro-industrial complex, oil and gas industry
  • work at consulting and audit firms focused on improving energy efficiency
  • work in design organizations and research laboratories, design bureaus whose activities are related to the study of heat and mass transfer processes and properties of substances

Specialists with a degree in Ecology:

  • work in the field of design, operation and modernization of environmental protection devices and appliances at various enterprises
  • work in urban, regional and national environmental control and control structures
  • develop measures to improve the environmental security of technologies and industries
  • audit and manage businesses, consulting, public and private firms
graduate_passed1Olga Khliyeva, PhD, Professor, Department of Thermophysics and Applied Ecology of ONAFT schoolars_graduates1Natalia Bykovets, Ph.D., Art. Lecturer at the Odessa National Maritime Academy
schoolars_graduates2Yuri Chernyak, PhD, Head of the Huntsman (Texas, USA) Laboratory, Laureate Sadi Carnot International Institute for Refrigeration schoolars_graduates3Zhelezny Peter, PhD, Principal engineer, Statoil, Norway Senior Engineer, Statoil, Norway
Oleg Medvedev, Ph.D., Schlumberger Technology Project Manager
Artemenko Sergiy, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of CI ONAFT. Fellow of the Cabinet of Ministers. Received grants from: President of Young Scientists of Ukraine; NATO; UNESCO
Ancherbak Sergiy, Ph.D., Fellow of the Cabinet of Ministers, completed postgraduate studies at the University of Pisa (Italy) and received a Ph.D. He currently works at GeoDynamics Research
Igor Oliynik, engineer at TERMFIN, Germany
Sechen Vitali, Ph.D., Research Fellow, Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium.
Now a researcher at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering. Pierre Lassonda, University of York, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Protcenko Denis, Leading Engineer of Laboratory of Thermoelectric Technologies ONAFT
Nichenko Sergiy, Candidate of Science, Research Fellow, Transuranic Element Research Center, Karlsruhe, Germany, Fellow of the Cabinet of Ministers
Stanislav Kryzhanovsky, a participant of a joint Ukrainian-Indian scientific project on the introduction of nanotechnology in refrigeration.
Now: Software engineer in Globallogic Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine