The best innovative idea


Within the framework of the Small and Medium Business Development Program in Odessa for 2019-2021, approved by the decision of the Odessa City Council dated January 30, 2019 No. 4198-YII, on November 19, 2019, the projects submitted for the competition “Best Innovation Project” were protected.
The Chair of Thermophysics and Applied Ecology presented in the nomination “Best Innovative Idea” the project “Emissions of the enterprises of the bread industry and their use”. (Authors: Mailunets Natalya – Master, Yastrub Kateryna – Master, Zatserklyannyi Melentyi – Assistant Professor).
The motto of the project was the words of Niels Bohr “Humanity will not perish in an atomic nightmare – it will suffocate in its own waste”.
The presentation was made by Yastrub K.V. and Zatserklyannyi M.M.
In his speech after the presentation of the projects, a member of the selection committee, Vice-President of the Innovation Chamber of Ukraine, President of the Odessa Regional Branch of the Innovation Chamber of Ukraine Stanislav Kobyliansky noted that this project is the best among other projects because it is applicable and has been used in its preparation. inventions of the authors, and some developments have already been introduced into production.
In the picture, the Yastrub Kateryna  during the presentation.