VII International Scientific and Technical Conference “Innovations in Shipbuilding and Ocean Engineering”, October 12-14, 2016, Mykolaiv

Moroz S.A., Khlieva O.Ya., Zhelezny V.P.
“Study of the effect of C60 fullerenes on the viscosity of HF16-12 compressor oil and on the density and saturated vapor pressure of R600a refrigerant / HF16-12 oil solutions”

Khlieva O.Ya., Ryabikin S.S., Polyuganich M.P., Gordeychuk T.V., Zhelezny V.P.
“An experimental study of the thermophysical properties of a solution of propylene glycol / water / ethanol with the addition of Al2O3 nanoparticles”

Geller V.Z., Lapardin N.I.
“Viscosity and boiling pressure of a mixture of ISO 15 lubricating oil and R410A refrigerant”