Meeting chair №1

Dear colleagues!
On August 29, 2019 a meeting of the Department of Thermophysics and Applied Ecology will take place

1. Teachers’ report on the implementation of the curriculum.
2. Staffing of the department and teaching load for 2019/2020
3. Organization of the educational process in 2019/2020
4. Approval of those responsible for the direction of the department and those responsible for labor protection and fire safety in the departments of the department.
5. Discussion and approval of the plan of work of the department and individual plans of work of teachers and teaching support staff.
6. Review and approval of educational and work training programs of disciplines.
7. Review and approval of topics and heads of master’s qualification works.
8. The state of readiness and prospects of development of the laboratory base of the department.
9. Measures to ensure BDZ, safety and labor protection.