Meeting chair №2

Dear colleagues!
On October 9, 2019 a meeting of the Department of Thermophysics and Applied Ecology will take place

1. About the results of research practice (Leaders)
2. About performance of qualification works of masters (Leaders)
3. On the content of programs and individual plans for upgrading the qualification (internship) of the teachers of the department. (Prof. Semeniuk Yu.V., Prof. Tsikalo A.L., Prof. Yakub L.M., Prof. Zhelezny V.P., Assoc. Prof. Chukhri Yu.P., Assoc. Prof. Gubanov S.M.)
4. Problems of plagiarism and academic integrity (Assoc. Prof. Khlieva O.Ya.)
5. On the features of the ZVO financing in 2020 (by publication material)
6. On the prevention of offenses during the educational process (Head of Department Semeniuk Yu.V.)