Meeting chair №4

Dear colleagues!
On December 12, 2019 a meeting of the Department of Thermophysics and Applied Ecology will take place

1. About the results of the session. (Teachers)
2. On readiness of qualification works of masters. (Leaders)
3. About preparation for the remote module. (Head of department. Semeniuk Yu.V., senior lecturer Ivchenko D.O.)
4. About preparation for the undergraduate practice. (Head of Department. Semeniuk Y.V.)
5. On the optimization of the staff of the Academy. (Head of Department. Semeniuk Y.V.)
4. Post-graduate reports.
6. About the transfer of graduate student Dmitriev ED to the state budget form of study in graduate school. (Prof. Zhelezny V.P.)
6. On the prevention of offenses during the educational process.
7. On compliance with fire safety and occupational safety rules. (Head of Department. Semeniuk Y.V.)