Meeting chair №5

Dear colleagues!
On January 14, 2020 a meeting of the Department of Thermophysics and Applied Ecology will take place

1. About results of protection of qualification works of masters. (Leaders)
2. About preparation for the remote module. (Head of the department. Semeniuk Yu.V., senior lecturer Ivchenko D.O.)
3. About preparation for the undergraduate practice. (Assoc. Prof. Zerklyanny M.M.)
4. Report on the implementation of the internship program. (Prof. Yakub L.M.)
5. On the implementation of work plans in the winter. (Head of department. Semeniuk Y.V., teachers)
6. About the Plan of Publication of Educational and Methodological Literature for 2020 (Head of Department: Semeniuk Y.V., Teachers)
7. On compliance with fire safety and occupational safety rules. (Head of the department. Semeniuk Yu.V.)