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(doctor of technical sciences; professor)

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Address: city of Odesa, Primorsky district, str. Shadowy 9/11
educational building of the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies, auditorium T-414
Working phone: +38 (0482) 68-23-39
e-mail: itfsemenyuk@ukr.net


Yuriy Volodymyrovych SEMENYUK was born on February 19, 1961 in Lokhvytsia, Poltava region. In 1978, he graduated from high school in the city of Bilyaivka, Odesa region, and entered the Odesa Technological Institute of the Refrigeration Industry at the thermophysics faculty, which he graduated in 1983, having received the qualification of “engineer-thermophysicist”.

Since then, the production, scientific and pedagogical activity of Semenyuk Yu.V. associated with the Department of Engineering Thermal Physics, where he works as a research engineer sector, studies in graduate school, after which he holds the position of a senior researcher.

In 1995, Yu.V. Semenyuk transferred to teaching work – works as an assistant and associate professor of the Department of Engineering Thermal Physics (since 2013 – Department of Thermal Physics and applied ecology). In 2007-2010, he studied for a doctorate. In 1997, he defended his candidate’s thesis, in 2013 he defended his doctoral thesis in the specialty “Technical thermophysics and industrial thermal energy”. Since 2014, Yu.V. Semenyuk heads the Department of Thermal Physics and applied ecology.

The main areas of scientific activity of Semenyuk Yu.V. – experimental and computational studies of thermophysical properties of refrigerants, their solutions with lubricants and of nanofluids (phase equilibria, thermal properties, critical parameters, surface tension, calorific and transport properties), research of heat exchange processes in complex thermodynamic systems, including nanofluid environments, as well as environmental and energy analysis of processes and productions.

Semenyuk Yu.V. published 2 monographs, textbooks on experimental thermophysics, thermophysical experiment techniques, thermotechnical measurements and devices, more than 100 scientific articles in the journals “International Journal of Refrigeration”, “Journal of Fluorine Chemistry”, “Journal of Synthetic Lubrication”, “Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data”, “Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry”, “Vestnyk MAH”, “Refrigerating equipment”, “Refrigerating equipment and technology”, “Refrigeration M + T” and others.

Under the leadership of Semenyuk Yu.V. PhD thesis defended. He is a member of the specialized scientific council of ONAFT for the defense of doctoral dissertations, is a scientific consultant for several Ukrainian and foreign companies: “Huntsman Corporation”, “Olchem”, “NORD Group” and others.